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Turn Back The Clock Create a cool photo effect just like from the 80's graphic art and designs. 1. Open an image you want to use. I got this nice photo from a free stock photo site Here.

2. Create a New Layer. In the Layers palette, click the “Create a new layer� icon.

3. Add a selection. Click the Rectangular Marqee Tool.

Create a rectangle from the top left to the middle part of the picture. 4. In the Swatches pallet, select the Red color. Press Alt+Backspace and it should fill the selection with the red color.

5. Inverse the selection by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I and fill the other half of the image. This time, fill it with Green.

6. Hide the layer by clicking on the “Eye” icon at the left of the layer and click on the Background layer to activate it.

7. Load the Match Color. Go to Image > Adjustments > Match Color... At the Image Statistics section, your Source should be your picture which is on the “Background” layer and on the Layer to “Layer 1”.

Play around with the Luminance, Color Intensity and Fade sliders. These are the settings for this particular photo. You also might want to check the “Neutralize� option and see what would it show.

I got this...

Optional: You also might want to invert the colors too by unhiding the Layer 1 and press Ctrl+I to invert the colors.

Repeat what we did in the Image Statistics section. Played around with the settings and this is what I got with the inverted color one. Hope you like it!

Photoshop Tutorial: Turn Back The Clock