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Soft Watercolor Photo Have fun creating a soft watercolor effect on your photo. Get an image you want to have the effect on, something that's simple and easy to work on. I got mine from a free stock photo site Here.

1. Duplicate your image by pressing Ctrl+J and then press Ctrl+Shift+U to desaturate it.

2. Again, duplicate the image (Ctrl+J) and Invert it by pressing Ctrl+I.

3. Set the Blending Mode to Color Dodge and go to Filter > Other > Minimum and set the Radius to 1.

4. Double click the top layer (Layer 1 copy) to bring out the Blending Options. At the Underlying Layer section, hold the Alt key while dragging the arrows and use these settings. Settings may always depend on your image.

5. Press Ctrl+E to merge the 2 layers. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate Layer 1 and set its Blending Mode to Linear Burn.

You image will now look like this.

6. Duplicate the “Background� layer drag it all the way to the top of all the layers and set its Blending Mode to Color.

7. Create a New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+N) and fill it with color White (or the background color if it's set to default) and set your Blending Mode to Soft Light and your Opacity to around 40 to 50 percent.

And now you'll have this. Hope you like this Tutorial. Have Fun!

Photoshop Tutorial: Soft Watercolor Photo Effect  

Have fun creating a soft watercolor effect on your photos. The image I used is from - Free Stock Photos.