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Dulceskarel Founder Adalberto Vazquez Gomez Adalberto Vazquez Gomez was a key name in the creation of Dulceskarel, the first lollipop and hard candy factory in Mexico. Adalberto Vazquez Gomez’s Dulceskarel products are sold throughout southern Mexico, as well as all throughout Central America. Adalberto Vazquez Gomez’s work was key in securing an ISO 9001:2000, making clear the international quality and potential of the Dulceskarel brand. Adalberto Vazquez Gomez’s company is dedicated to producing high-quality products, as well as promoting social responsibility through the ISO 9000 principles.

Adalberto Vazquez Gomez: Decades of Business and Entrepreneurship Adalberto Vazquez Gomez has made a lifetime career out of building and maintaining

successful business ventures and a strong network of associates. Adalberto Vazquez Gomez boasts a shining profile, including the founding of multiple small businesses throughout Mexico; memberships with the Canacintra Commerce Chamber, the ASPA, and ONU; and numerous certificates in finance, health management, federal law, and others. In these areas and more, Adalberto Vazquez Gomez continues to demonstrate his commitment to quality public service.

A Businessman Abreast of the Times: Adalberto Vazquez Gomez

As an entrepreneur and avid supporter of public interest, Adalberto Vazquez Gomez remains committed to finding the best ways to support the public. For Adalberto Vazquez Gomez, this means keeping up with high-end technology, maintaining the most up-to-date certifications in all his fields, giving back to the government through his accounting services, and staying connected with the client base of his multiple small businesses.

Contact Calle La Venta Club Campestre Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico 86035 (554) 170-3888 ESENCIAS@PRODIGY.NET.MX

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