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Paderewski P r ivate Grammar School, Lublin, Poland

CAS activity p roposal form Student’s name:  Adrianna K ępińska Supervisor’s name: Katarzyna Sarzyńska Organisation: Paderewski P r ivate Gramma r School Contact Information (full address, phone no, email): Activity: wor k for the cultural section of school magazine Playground CAS Areas: Creativity / Action / Service                                                                                                       Approximate number of hours:   20 Why is it a good CAS activity? It is a good CAS activity because it helps developing writing style, cooperating  with other people  working on the development of the newspaper, enables showing less known artists, music, books etc. to the members of school   community.  What personal benefits or learning experiences can you gain th rough this activity?   I think that, despite the advantages  mentioned above, writing for a cultural section would oblige me to be more up­to­date with pieces of art of many types.

CAS proposal form: Playground magazine  

CAS proposal form: working as a part of an editorial stuff of a school magazine Playground.

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