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Table of Contents 2009-10 Chairman’s Letter 2008-09 Chairman’s Letter 2009 - A Year in Review Outlook 2010 Hunting Target Industries Gardening Business & Industry Appreciation Marketing Leadership Members Plans for 2010

During the first six months of my term as Chairman of the Ada Jobs Foundation, our community struggled to avoid the national economic turmoil and strife. The local economic development efforts have been significantly strained by fewer prospects, the availability of capital, and the overall psychological impact of the national recession.   To this point, the Ada business community has weathered the economic uncertainties and has actually grown when so many have fallen. The Ada Jobs Foundation contributes Wayne Case significantly to the overall success that our community is experiencing. The Jobs Foundation was awarded a $500,000 grant 2009-10 Chairman for water improvements in the CB Howard Industrial Park. These improvements (totaling over $630,000) will make the property more attractive to prospective businesses and expand the types of businesses that could locate in the park. A second grant is currently being reviewed by the US Department of Agriculture. This $630,000 project will allow for the expansion of a small business at the Ada Municipal Airport.   The Ada Jobs Foundation has refocused its efforts to emphasize current businesses in the community and help them grow. We have enlisted the assistance of the Pontotoc Technology Center and the use of Executive Pulse software to coordinate our efforts and minimize the time involved with each company, in addition to, strengthening relationships through process efficiencies.   While the national business community was trying to determine how they would dig out of our economic hole, the Ada Jobs Foundation was busy building a road map to give staff and community leaders a guide for future growth and development. A local incentive guide was developed that staff can use to evaluate a project and potential industries can better understand what is expected of them. Five strategic industry sectors have been identified to actively pursue while continuing to field inquiries from other sectors.   Despite the national unemployment rate reaching 30 year highs, Ada’s unemployment rate has remained relatively low. In fact over the course of 2009, the Ada area labor force grew by almost 400 employees while the unemployment rate dropped 1.7%. In December, our unemployment rate was 5.0%, which was well below the state (6.5%) and the national (10.0%) rates. The retail community has seen continuous decreases in sales since March, but not to the same effect as many other communities have experienced.   I look forward to watching the AJF grow and prosper even more in 2010. Staff is finalizing an Action Plan, as well as, rewriting and expanding our Marketing Plan. These documents will help to guide this organization’s efforts in 2010 and beyond. The future for Ada appears to be very bright!

Wayne Case

Since our inception over 10 years ago, the Ada Jobs Foundation has strived to improve the economy and quality of life within the Ada area. The year 2009 was no exception. I had the privilege of serving as Chairman of the AJF during the first half of the year.   With the national economy struggling, Ada was very fortunate to successfully weather 2009. The AJF used the economic slowdown as an opportunity to focus the organization and create a clear plan for the future of our community. The development of the Ada Quality Jimmy Eppler Jobs Program established guidelines on the types of 2008-09 Chairman projects that would be eligible for local incentives. These guidelines allow the AJF to concentrate on projects that will benefit our community and grow the local economy into the future.   Business Retention and Expansion became one of the top priorities of the organization. While this aspect of economic development is not as glamorous as industrial attraction, it creates more jobs and has a higher success rate. With the help of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, the AJF was able to implement the Executive Pulse program, which focuses on the needs of existing businesses. The AJF also started Business and Industry Appreciation Week during my tenure. The crowning achievement of this week was Business and Industry Night Out, which honored local businesses for their successes.   The citizens of Ada should be proud to have an organization such as the AJF guiding the economic future of our community. I am honored to have been able to serve as Chairman of this organization. I thank the other board members and staff for their dedication and hard work during 2009. I look forward to continuing to watch the successes of this organization into 2010 and beyond.

Jimmy E ppler

2009 - A Year in Review Housing

1 Year Change

Home Sales Average Sales Price Average Days on Market








Average Median Price


Building Permits Total Value

1 Year Change $14,065,829

Sales Tax Collections Calendar Year (Jan-Dec)

Fiscal Year (Jul-Dec)

Retail Sales (Jan-Dec)

5 Year Change


1 Year Change

5 Year Change 0.38%

5 Year Change










Labor 1 Year Change Average Size

5 Year Change

10 Year Change













Average Unemployment Rate   Ada   Oklahoma

  United States





Other Factors 1 Year Change

5 Year Change

10 Year Change

Natural Gas Prices

(Per thousand cubic feet)

  Average Wellhead Price





Stocks   Pre-Paid Legal Services




















Outlook 2010


Pontotoc County





















  Growth from 2005   Percent Change from 2005

Demographic Breakdown by Age

Jobs Pontotoc County   Growth from 2005   Percent Change from 2005

Outlook 2010 Fastest Growing Industries (Pontotoc County) 2005 Jobs

2010 Jobs

2015 Jobs

Percent Change (2005-2015)








Real Estate & Rental/Leasing

























Educational Services





Professional & Technical Services





Other Services Management of Companies

Accommodations & Food Services



Jobs by Industry - Top 10 Fastest Growing Industries

57% 42% 41%


Industrial Attraction is the economic development equivalent of getting a twelvepoint buck. There are fewer than 100 industrial site selection projects each year. As with any other hunting expedition, an economic development organization needs to be prepared so the hunt can be successful. In 2009, the Ada Jobs Foundation refined their hunting strategy from a shotgun approach to a long-range rifle approach. Learning from the past, the AJF developed a list of community strengths and weaknesses. This list helped staff to understand and identify specific industry types as well as business sizes that would flourish in the community. For example, the current workforce shortage makes small to medium-sized businesses more desirable than large operations.


Incentives, which were the primary ammunition on previous hunting trips, are becoming less valuable compared to highway access and skilled labor in the site selection process. As a result of this trend, the AJF began to increase the variety of ammunition available in its arsenal, so future hunting expeditions would have a higher chance of success. As part of this process, the AJF worked to increase highway access, improve existing industrial infrastructure, and increase the skill levels of the local workforce in 2009. As the AJF continues to build up its arsenal, more and more hunts will result in successful business locations in Ada.

  In 2000, the Ada Jobs Foundation developed a list of two target industries: Law Enforcement/Homeland Security, and Water. These targets were developed after reviewing the existing assets and resources available in the community and determining what industries would have the most synergy with these assets.   The Ada Jobs Foundation staff began the process to reevaluate our targeted industries in mid-2009. After an extensive review process, the staff of the Ada Jobs Foundation were able to identify five target industries: Law Enforcement/Homeland Security, Water, Energy, Gaming, and Aerospace. These industries were selected primarily on their ability to thrive in our area, existing assets that would benefit businesses in these industries, and the ability to partner with businesses already located in the area.   By establishing these target industries, it will allow the staff of the Ada Jobs Foundation to focus the majority of their efforts on businesses that would provide the largest return on investment for our community. The Ada Jobs Foundation will continue to work on projects that do not fall into these five industries, but the majority of attraction efforts will center around these industries.


  Economic Gardening is the practice of creating new jobs by growing existing businesses in the community. With ninety percent of all new jobs coming from existing businesses, the AJF made Economic Gardening a main priority this year. In partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce the AJF implemented the Executive Pulse Business Retention and Expansion Program. This program allows the AJF to track visits with existing businesses and notify partner agencies when a business is in need of their services. AJF partnerships with service agencies, such as the Pontotoc Technology Center, are vital to success of this program.

  AJF Staff set a goal to visit all local businesses with at least 50 employees once a year, and those with over 100 employees at least twice a year. These visits provide businesses with information about what programs are available to increase profitability, productivity, or recruit and retain quality employees. Plans for 2010 include additional economic gardening activities.

Business & Industry Appreciation

6/18/09   The Ada Jobs Foundation held the inaugural Business and Industry Night Out tonight. It was the a red carpet event which wrapped up Business and Industry Appreciation Week. This week was established to recognize, honor, and show appreciation for Ada’s existing businesses.   Events during the week included a golf tournament, which allowed business leaders to network, grow and develop new business relationships. Business and Industry Night was an awards banquet that honored the achievements of Ada area businesses over the past year(s). The Ada Jobs Foundation accepted nominations and a committee determined the winners for each award category.   Ada has such a diverse mix of businesses and countless businesses have helped grow and improve our local economy. Ada is fortunate to have so many businesses that make a positive impact on our community.   The 2010 Business and Industry Night Out is scheduled for July 2010 and the Ada Jobs Foundation is currently accepting nominations. Nominations forms can be found on the AJF Website

2009 Award Winners New Business of the Year Bolitho Ventures, Inc.

Entrepreneurship Award Freelance Consulting Services, LLC, doing business as ProDepot Innovations Award Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. Environmental Award Geocycle, a subsidiary of Holcim Ambassador Award Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Employer of the Year Small (50 or fewer employees) GLOBE Manufacturing Medium (51 - 200 employees) Holcim Large (201+ employees) Chickasaw Nation Economic Development Leader of the Year Dexter Pruitt


  After product development, Marketing is the key to successful economic development. The Ada Jobs Foundation serves as the chief promoter of the community, from business recruitment and retention to attraction of a quality labor force. The AJF works to promote Ada in a variety of ways, including:

Trade Shows & Events

Public Relations

  In 2009, AJF Staff attended four trade shows and generated over 50 leads in AJF target industry sectors. Additionally, AJF Staff attended and helped sponsor six site consultant events, which put AJF Staff in direct contact with Site Consultants, who recommend business location decisions to corporate executives.

  In 2009, the Ada Jobs Foundation worked hard to improve it’s image and the overall community image through Public Relations. Staff promoted the organization through newspaper, radio, and social media outlets. Staff also helped to promote local business stories by writing and distributing press releases about their successes.



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Direct Mail

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Wayne Case

Jimmy Eppler

09-10 Chairman Vision Bank

Diane Criswell

08-09 Chairman Citizens Bank of Ada

09-10 Vice Chair Gem Jewelers

Art Chapman

09-10 Sec./Treasurer Chaprell Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge

Bill Horne Jr.

08-09 Sec./Treasurer Horne & Company, PC

Knights of the Roundtable:

Steve Bagwell

Vision Bank

H. Lone’ Beasley

Ada Evening News


Monica Cowart

People’s Electric Cooperative

Jim Hamby

Vision Bank

Dr. Larry Birney, CLEET Mayor Roger Cupps, City of Ada Commissioner Danny Davis, Pontotoc County Amy Childers Elliott, Tri-County Indian Nations, CDC Robyn Elliott, Chickasaw Nation Randy Ethridge, Science and Natural Resources Foundation David Hathcoat, City of Ada President John Hargrave, East Central University Representative Wes Hilliard, Oklahoma District 22

Ken Johnson

Attorney At Law

President & CEO

Ann Miller

Director of Marketing & Research

First United Bank

John Martin

First United Bank

Dexter Pruitt

Pruitt Company of Ada

Bill Horne Sr., Ada Industrial Development Corporation Greg McCortney, Ada Area Chamber of Commerce Senator Susan Paddack, Oklahoma Senate District 13 Greg Pierce, Pontotoc Technology Center Representative Paul Roan, Oklahoma District 20 Representative Todd Thomsen, Oklahoma District 25 Dr. Steve Turner, East Central University Jeff Warmuth, Ada Area Chamber of Commerce


Michael Southard

David Keith

Julie Hightower Administrative Assistant

2009 Members Platinum Gold

Silver B ronze A E N

• Ada Coca-Cola Bottling Co. • da vening ews • Ada Ford Lincoln Mercury • • Ada Rotary Club • Ada Tire Center • Archibald Oil & Gas Operations, Inc. • Arlington Center • Arvest Bank • AT&T • Boadie L. Anderson Quarries, Inc. • • Bolitho Media Services • C able One • Chaprell Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Inc.• • Childers-Childers Architects & Associates PC • Clark Enterprises • • Criswell Funeral Home, Inc. • East Central Oklahoma Blood Institute • • East Central University • EDGE Tech Corp • GAMI • Gem Jewelers • • Globe Lifeline EMS • Holcim (US) Inc. • Home Title Guaranty Co. • • Huckeby & Assoc. Realtors • Ken Johnson Law Firm • Kindrick & Co. • • Landmark Bank • Mayhue & Stafford, Attorneys at Law • McC all’s Communities • • McCortney ’s Family Pharmacy • Moon-Baker Agency • Senator Susan Paddack • • Papa Gjorgjo’s • Paradigm Realty • Polo’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant • • Pruitt Company of Ada, Inc. • Pruitt C are • Jim Sanders • Dick Scalf • • Service Automall • Sweeney & Associates Real Estate • Thompson Agency • • Tri-County Indian Nations, CDC • Wal-Mart •

Thank you

to all our members.


your support none of this would be possible.

Plans for 2010 • Develop an action plan to guide the AJF through 2010 • Rewrite the AJF marketing plan • Visit every existing business with greater than 50 employees at least once annually    and with greater than 100 employees twice annually • Secure greater than $250,000 in economic development grant funds annually to    create value added assets on industrial properties (infrastructure, buildings, etc.) • Assist in the creation of at least 25 primary jobs • Explore direct foreign investment and potential sister city opportunities • Develop a pipeline for local businesses to access state and federal    financial programs • Explore opportunities for entrepreneurial development via Kerr Lab, Noble    Foundation, US patent information, and ECU • Improve local, state, and national image of the organization and community    through increase Public Relations activities • Update and overhaul Ada Jobs Foundation Website • Attend at least one trade show for each target industry • Organize a call trip on Dallas/Fort Worth area businesses • Host a familiarization tour for Site Consultants • Improve and Build new relationship with commercial realtors • Create and distribute a guidebook for doing business in Ada

2009 Ada Jobs Foundation Annual Report  

Annual Report of the Ada Jobs Foundation for 2009. Details the economic situation of Ada, Ok during the past the year. The Ada Jobs Foundati...

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