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>>>Click Here To Get A Free Nintendo Wii U<<< The Best Place On The Web To Get A Free Nintendo Wii U Without Having To Link Your Friends Gamers out there are definitely familiar about the latest console of Nintendo, the Nintendo Wii U. It is the latest video game console offering in the pool of several game consoles in the market today.

The Nintendo Wii U prides itself with its “all-new, Power-based microprocessor”, which is made by IBM. No specifications have been emancipatedyet about this CPU but it looks like it’s going to be really quality.. You may be used to with the Nintendo Wii and you can anticipatethat this original game console will definitely be better than Nintendo Wii’s CPU. For the Graphics Processing Unit of this recent Nintendo video gaming console, it is by AMD using Radeon information aroundthis game console established that its GPU can progress Xbox 360’s and PS3’s GPUs. It is surely seen that Nintendo Wii U applies more on firm gameplay rather than providing gamers out there the extreme graphics. This original game console of Nintendo will not have an internal hard drive but instead, an 8GB internal flash storage. Fans are encouraged to use USB for more storage. The remote of the Nintendo Wii can be utilized for the Nintendo Wii U. Since this comes with a tablet controller, Nintendo is looking of ways to make Nintendo Wii’s peripherals on their new gaming console. Nintendo Wii games can be ulitized through Nintendo Wii U. Other exemptions include various video outputs from 480i to 1080p but still allow the standard 4:3 and 16:9 big screen video modes.. Its tablet controller is the most exciting part and Nintendo gamers are very much excited with this..A remarkable 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope makes this gaming console to be a very solid competitor among the gaming consoles today. Just like other devices presently, it is touchscreen. At this point, you might be very eager to get your hands on the Nintendo Wii U.. Gamers today cannot wait to own the Nintendo Wii U. Wouldn’t it be nice if you get it for free?. Yes, you can obtain it at no expense and you can begin by checking This online site doesn’t only provide you no cost gaming consoles but it will offer you more news on on your game console. It is very cool to get a no payment game console; all you have to do is keep track of the methods.

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