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The way of making fabric flowers-DIY fabric flowers Referring to making fabric flowers, I’d like to show you a specific and simply way to make DIY fabric flowers. You can just get a piece of needle, enough wire and some woven fabrics.

For many fabric fancier, how to keep their ideas fresh and trendy has been a key issue .For many of you ,perhaps have concerned on a fact that the simplest






best ,so does making fabric flowers. For me, my favorite one is DIY fabric flowers. It’s made up with two piece of fabric and some wires. Next, I’d like to show you the details of how to make DIY fabric flowers.

Materials needed in DIY fabric flowers: 

Two piece of fabrics

Needle and thread

How to make DIY fabric flowers? Step1: make a sewing work Drawing a shape of wave on the fabric with a pen .preparing a needle with 15~20cm long tiger tail wire, and the sewing along the shape has been drew with pen. Leave a part of wire and tire up with the fabric. It has been a shape of flower.

Step2: the folding and tipping tip 1.

Folding another fabric as follows:

2. After this part, cut off the left one and turn it over, and then, sewing along the 4 sides. At last, also tie it up. It has been a round one.

Step3: the ending work Sewing the flower with the round shapes. Then a DIY fabric flowers has been made up. So far, the details of DIY fabric flowers have been presented. Has my simple way impressed you? Try more attentions on our website you may get more ways and inspirations in making fabric flowers .And you may be more interested in hand-made craft!

Getting the fabric please click:

The way of making fabric flowers-diy fabric flowers