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Simple and cute handmade pencil case What you will learn from the tutorial today is handmade pencil case. You may think that you are not at school now, so it is not necessary for you to make a pencil case. But how about make one to send it to the kids for your family.

The appearance of handmade pencil case is a bear. And it is made of felt. Certainly before you do the making, you have to cut the paper bear shape first. Now let me show you the necessities and the making steps.

Necessary materials for handmade pencil case 



Cotton fabric

Sewing threads




The making of handmade pencil case Step 1: cut the felt and sew

Step 2: the ending work

Cut the felt of bear body: a front one and a

Sew the nose, mouth and blusher felt; sew

back one with a long opening; and felt of

two eyes on the face. Seam two apparent

belly in accordance the paper bear you have

lines on the mouth according to the picture

cut; cut mouth, nose, and blusher felt. Sew a

shown. Suture the front and back body

zipper at the back of the bear body. Seam

together with apparent lines along their

apparent lines along the junction.


Although you are at work, it is absolute that you need pens in your daily life. Making a handmade pencil case to pack your pens along is a good choice. Lack felt, you can enter:

Simple and cute handmade pencil case