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Making baby shoes with different patterns Here is tutorial on homemade baby shoes again. We have given several lessons on making baby shoes. Are you satisfied with them? A new type you will learn this time.

The feature of this homemade baby shoes is the elastic shoe throat. And it is easy to put on and off. Now I will show you the ways of making baby shoes.

Materials you need 

Cotton fabric

Cotton lining

Sewing threads



Elastic cords

How to make baby shoes? Step 1: make the sole of the shoes Cut four pieces of surface fabric of sole and

Step 2: make the vamp of the shoes

corresponding cotton linings. Cut two pieces

Fold the two ends of the small fabric and

of surface fabric of vamp, corresponding

sew, then fold it in half and sew the two

cotton linings and two small long pieces.

sides; turn it over. Suture the vamp fabric

Place two pieces of sole fabric with two cotton

and the made small piece. Lay vamp cotton

linings in the middle; fix them with running

lining into the one side of the vamp fabric

stitch from inner circle to outer. Do the same

and fold. Depart the small pieces, and suture

to make the other sole.

the vamp fabric and its cotton lining. Make the small piece fixed with the vamp fabric by whip stitch. Make the other vamp in the same way.

Step 3: make the uppers of the shoes

Step 4: the ending work

Cut two pieces of uppers fabric as the shape

and sole. Thread an elastic cord through

shown below and corresponding cotton lining.

the upper side of the uppers to link with

Lay cotton lining inside one side of the uppers

the small piece on the vamp. Use a safety

fabric. Fold it and sew whip stitches along the

pin to adjust the length of the elastic

two sides. Sew the up and down sides with

cord; cut the redundant and sew. Make

apparent lines as well; leaving 1.2-1.25cm out

the other shoe as the same. Turn over the

at the upper side. Sew a whip stitch to combine

shoes to the front.

Stitch the uppers of the shoes with vamp

the vamp and sole.

Supposing that your kid is very naughty and likes kicking shoes off, I think this style of homemade baby shoes is suitable for him. If you are in the same boat with me, do not hesitate to follow the ways of making baby shoes.

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Making baby shoes with different patterns