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Lace hair accessories of bows Do you have lace hair accessories? Here one kind of lace hair bows is presented. You can have a look and see whether you love it or not.

Lace hair accessories are always welcomed, because lace is one of popular materials for the girl. Now let me demonstrate you the ways of making lace hair bows in details.

What are the necessities? 



Satin ribbon

Hot melt gun



Ways of making lace hair bows Step 1: bind the bow Cut three pieces of chiffon with different sizes; make their edges to fringe shapes. Cover each of them with gauze and lay together with the longest at the bottom. Bind them with a ribbon.

Step 2: the ending work Fold a lace to a shape of sector. Combine the lace to the back of the bow and add a clip, to be fixed with the bow and lace by hot melt gun.

The lace hair bows are made by chiffon layers. This is different from other bow shapes. If you like this kind of lace hair accessories, do not hesitate to follow the above said.

If you need satin ribbon, you can find it at:

Lace hair accessories of bows