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How to make zigzag friendship bracelet Only we keep on researching new things that we can keep trace with times. So does the jewelry. We need to try our best to make different jewelry to attract people. Even though jewelry with the same name, we had to make variety of style. Such as bracelet, we always make different style to meet everyone’s need. Today I want to introduce you zigzag friendship bracelet; it is totally a new kind. Well, I am going to tell you the zigzag friendship bracelet instructions deeply.

I have taught you many ways to make bracelet, zigzag friendship bracelet is different from others in style. I’m sure many girls will like it. Be care of zigzag friendship bracelet instructions, and then you can make it more easily.

Materials needed in zigzag friendship bracelet: 

Embroidery floss


How to make zigzag friendship bracelet? Step 1: prepare strings Get 6 embroidery flosses, every 2 are in a same color. Here I choose yellow, pink and blue. Put them together and make a knot at the beginning. The order of the 6 flosses is yellow, yellow, pink, and pink, blue, blue.

Step 2: make forward knots Fix the flosses on the desk with tape. Use the left-most yellow floss to make 5 forward knots on the left flosses. Then repeat the work with yellow floss, 2 pink flosses and 2 yellow flosses. After finishing the repeating work, the order of the flosses will return to before.

Step 3: make backward knots Use the second blue floss to make a backward knot on the right-most blue floss. Then still use the second blue floss to make 4 backward knots on the pink and yellow floss. Then use the right-most blue floss to make 5 backward knots on the other flosses in order. After this, still use the 2 pink and 2 yellow flosses to make five backward knots relatively. Then the order








Step 4: make forward knots again Use the second yellow floss to make forward knot on the first yellow floss. Then still use the second one to make 4 forward knots on the 2 pink and 2 yellow flosses.

Step 5: make a repeated work Repeat doing the same work as the 3 steps above. Keep doing until the bracelet is long enough and in accordance with your wrist. By far, I have told you the specific details about zigzag friendship bracelet. Maybe the zigzag friendship bracelet instructions are a little complicated, but there is nothing worries about. What you have to do is to calm down and think about the steps carefully, then how to make zigzag friendship bracelet will be a piece of cake.

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How to make zig-zag friendship bracelet