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How to make paper figures Many people spend their free time watching TV plays, playing computer games. It is nothing to us. Have you ever found a special way which is benefit for us on both mentally and physically to enjoy life? I think everyone must know paper figures, but do you know how to make paper figures?


When you fell boring and have nothing to do, I suggest you making paper figures. After you command how to make paper figures, you might as make one for your friends as birthday present or graduation present. Sometimes present made by yourself is much better than you bought, because a loyal heart is of great importance. Next, I would like to tell you how to make paper figures

Materials needed in paper figures: 

Some woolen yarn

Some fabrics in different color

Enough buttons

A pair of scissors

One red pen and a black one

Tough papers



How to make paper figures? Step 1: draw and cut off Get big tough papers, use pencil to draw the shapes of head, arms, legs and body. Cut off what you have drew.

Step 2: the component work Put every part you have cut off together with nails. A whole shape of paper will come out. And make another one as before. One is boy and another one is girl.

Step 3: dress up Cut off some fabrics in light color as girl paper figure’s dress and shoes. We can use fabric in deep color as boy’s trousers and shoes and light color as his T-shirt. Then put on clothes and shoes with glue for them. Make hair for them with woolen yarn.

Step 4: the ending work Draw eyes and mouth for them with black pen, blusher with red pen. If it is possible, you may fix some buttons somewhere as their decorations.

All the tips of how to make paper figures I have showed above, maybe it’s a little complicated, but never mind, please pay more patience on it. You may find the process of paper figures is of great fun.

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How to make paper figures