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How to make a paper cake –origami cake We always want to enjoy a delicious cake. If there is no cake just some colorful papers beside you, what will you do? Have you ever had an idea about making an origami cake with these papers? Maybe you will say I really have this idea but don’t know how to make a paper cake. If this, Iwill tell you the details.

In fact, making origami cake with paper is an easy thing. As long as you follow with me, you will make it. Well, let’s talk about how to make a paper cake.

Materials need in origami cake: 

How to make a paper cake? Step 1: make the first layer The first layer is composed of 3 rows. Inset 24 red triangles into 24 green triangles, then these are the first row and the second row.






according to the size of the triangles orderly. (The triangles in the third row are in different size)

Colorful papers

Step 2: make the second layer Inset the third row of the first layer into the first







constitutions of the second layer are the same with the first layer. Just there are more triangles in the second layer. If you like, you can make the third layer as the same way.

Step 3: make the bottom of cake The bottom is composed of a round and a circle. Inset the triangles one by one will get the two.

Step 4: the ending work Put the 3 layers on the bottom and put some other decorations. A cake will be displayed completely.

Here I have told you all the details about how to make a paper cake. This origami cake looks like a real one. Do you think my design is of great creation? If you think so, please come with me!

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How to make a paper cake -origami cake