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How to make origami butterfly-handmade paper butterfly I have told you how to make origami butterfly with fabric. But today I want to show you a hand-made paper butterfly. Butterflies made from paper are slighter than those made from fabric. So it can fly in the sky for a few seconds. To some extent, the origami butterfly instructions are the same.

It is quite easy to make origami butterfly, just fold one paper in square several times. Then a butterfly will come into being. Next, I will give specific






Materials needed in origami butterfly: ď Ź

Paper in square

How to make origami butterfly? Step 1: make a preparing work Fold the paper into the shape of 4 small squares. Look following pictures

Step 2: make an ongoing work Keep folding step by step as the pictures

Step 3: make an ending work When reach the step in picture 5 above, please turn over the ongoing butterfly. Go on folding and a complete butterfly will come into being.

All of these are about how to make origami butterfly, I believe you have had a further understand on origami butterfly instructions by my introduction. Just come on with me, make one for yourself!

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How to make origami butterfly-hand-made paper butterfly