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How to make hair bows for little girls Generally speaking, little girls like to be dressed beautifully. This time I have designed a way of how to make hair bows for little girls. A hair hoop is attached to the making hair bows.

Before making hair bows, you have to select the girl’s favorite colors. What I think the bright-colored ribbons are good options. Now let’s see how to make hair bows for little girls with bright-colored ribbons.

Materials for making hair bows 

Polyester ribbons

Plastic button

Sewing threads


Double-sided tape


Hair hoop

Elastic band


How to make hair bows for little girls Step 1: cross fold the ribbon Prepare necessary materials in picture 1.

Step 2: bind three layers of ribbons

Stick two circular ribbons with double-sided

Bring the long end back and over to be

tape. Crosswise the two circular ribbons and

folded. Tie the middle of crossed ribbons

stick. Take out another piece of ribbon; fold

with an elastic band. Bind the second

one end over the other end.

folded ribbon over the two crossed ribbon. Take out a piece of white ribbon; sew its edge with big stitch.

Step 3: make the bow pattern

Step 4: wrap the hair hoop

Tie up the sewed white ribbon slightly to

Stick the red ribbon on the exterior side

make a curly flower. Make a curly blue flower

of the hair hoop

in the same way. Stick two flowers together

double-sided tape. Cut off two short blue

with the blue one on the white one. Add a

ribbons. Stick them to each end of the

smiling button in the heart of the flower and a

hair hoop; leave the blue ribbon longer

bow at upper right side of the button.

than the hoop.

Step 5: the ending work Wrapping the ends of the hair hoop with ribbons







beautiful but also prevent the head from hurting. Follow the above steps of how to make hair bows for little girls, and then you give it to your lovely daughter. I bet she will like wearing the making hair bows.

If you need bows, you can press:


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How to make hair bows for little girls