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How to make flowers-embroidery floss pendants Today I am going to teach you how to make flowers; it is not ordinary flowers but one kind of pendant. Here I will tell you the way of making flowers step by step. So please pay attention.

The flowers are pendants which made from embroidery flosses. They are good-looking and useful. You can use them to decorate your Mobile phone, your bags and so on. How to make flowers? You must be looking forward to it. So let’s go into the point about making flowers.





flowers: 

Embroidery flosses in different color and size



How to make flowers? Step 1: make a flower 1. Making the flower you need to know how to make Josephine, please look pictures as follows:

2. Get one piece of pink embroidery floss in 50cm long and make a button knot with it. Following, cut off 60cm yellow floss and 100cm pink floss, fold them into 2 respectively, and then begin to make Josephine knot relatively. At last, put the button knot and 2 Josephine knots together, tie them up. Then it is a completed flower.

Step 2: make 5 button knots Make 7 button knots in yellow and pink. Then thread them on 2 red thin embroidery floss relatively.

Step 3: the ending work Make an overhand knot with the 2 thin flosses; put the end with knot into the center of the flower. Hide the remaining floss in the center of the flower into the pink petal outmost. Stick the connections firmly with glue. At last, add a floss to hang up the flower.

That’s my way about how to make flowers, a kind of pendants. If you are interested in making flowers, you can visit our website where you can get other ways to make flowers in different style.

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How to make flowers-a beautiful pendants