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How to make felt bracelets Every girl wants to be charming. For this, they always spend much money buying beautiful cloths and designing fashionable hairstyle. Of course, kinds of accessories are indispensable. Do you know how to make felt bracelets? If not, I’d like to tell you.

The bracelets play a key role in our daily life. It’s not the one made from gold or silver always be the best. The most import is that gold and silver are in high price and not everyone can afford it. Under this circumstance, please don’t ignore something old, maybe it can be made into another one with creative. Now I will tell you how to make felt bracelets, which can decrease expense for you. Following, a felt bracelet tutorial is going to begin.

Materials needed in felt bracelets 

An old and ordinary bracelet

Some pieces of cotton fabrics

A pair of scissors

Hot melting glue

How to make felt bracelets? Step 1: cut off cotton fabrics and circled Here I choose one cotton fabric and cut it off into pieces (the color you can choose by your ease), then circled the ordinary bracelet firmly with the pieces. Put the end of the piece into the circled fabrics.

Step 2: make flowers Make 2 flowers. A big one and a small one then felt them together.




like, you





Step 3: make an ending work Use hot melting glue to stick the flower and the circled bracelet together. A felt bracelet has coming into being.

So far, I have showed you the felt bracelets tutorial. After my descriptions I hope you can make one right now. This kind of felt bracelets is suitable for young girl, so please follow me.

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How to make felt bracelets