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How to make dog sweater The pet dog has been a member in a family with the improvement of its status in people’s heart. Letting the pet dog grow up healthily is not the only thing people care about any more, they also attach great importance to dogs’ dress. So what I want to talk about is dog sweater. The DIY dog sweater can not only keep warm but also make the dog lovelier.

The DIY dog sweater is not difficult to knit for people who have a foundation on knitting. But those who aren’t good at knitting should pay attention to my tutorial after a while. Now, let me tell you the details about dog sweater formally.






sweater: 

Wool yarns in different colors

No.6 and No.7 knitting needles

How to make DIY dog sweater?

Step 1: make a preparing work Use No.6 needle to knit, how many needles needed to knit is depend on the dog’s size.

Step 2: an ongoing work 1. Knit 7 rows as follows, two forward

2. Change No.6 needle into No.7 in the eighth

needles and two backward needles changed

row. Connect the yarn in another color, one


forward needle and one backward needle changed mutually

3. Knit 8 rows with the light blue yarn, and then

change the dark blue yarn. Go on

knitting one forward needles and backward needles. Change the yarn for 4 times. 4. At last, change the NO.6 needle. Knit 8 rows







backward needles. 5. Use No.7 needle to knit 18 needles with the dark blue yarn, knit 8 rows of one forward needle and one backward needle. And then change the yarn. Decrease 2 needles in the third row and the eighth row.

Step 3: the ending work Sew the top and the bottom of the two together, leave a hole. The dog wears the sweater through the hole.

Well, that is my way about how to make dog sweater. Do you think it is so easy? If you want to make DIY dog sweater for your pet dog, please notice our website there is many ways about how to make dog sweater in different styles.

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How to make dog sweater in an easy and clever way