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How to make dog clothes-dog dress We can see pet dogs put on dog dress here and there. For this, they can be lovelier! But do you know how to make dog clothes-dog dress? Please believe that it is easy to make one.

There are many dog clothes sold in the shop. Maybe it is not suitable for your pet dog. Have you ever wanted to make one by yourselves? Here, I will tell you the details of how to make dog clothes-dog dress.

Materials needed in dog dress 

A soft ruler

Some piece of fabric and gauze

A sewing machine

Tough paper

How to make dog dress? Step one: measure size .

Step two: drawing and cutting off

Use soft ruler to measure dog’s

Drawing the shape of the dress on

size of breast and neck, the

the tough paper and cut off, then put

length of its body.

the shape on the fabric, cut off again

Step three: make a sewing work Since the fabric has been cut into a dress, you can add some gauze and other decorations. Make a butterfly knot will make the dress more beautiful!

This is my secret about dog dress. Do you think it’s easy? If you want your pet dog to be more beautiful and lovely, please just start. Since pet dogs can also put on kinds of clothes as people, so I will tell you how to make dog clothes in different kinds later!

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How to make dog clothes-dog dress