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How to make cute piggy banks Many people want to own cute piggy banks when they are children. Then they can save their own money. Today we will teach you how to make a money box.

If you learn how to make a money box, you can make cute piggy banks for your kids. And it will not be too difficult.

What do you need? 


Satin ribbon

Medium-sized plastic pipe


Sewing threads




Hand saw or knife

How to make a cute money box? Step 1: cut shapes Cut velvet as the following shapes; saw the plastic pipe 5cm long. Then saw a hole on the pipe which can put a coin in.

Step 2: sew the face of pig Wrap the pipe with velvet and sew the both ends. Sew a nose of pig on a round piece of velvet by a small piece of velvet and cotton; then sew the eyes.

Step 3: connect the body and head Sew the face of pig at the one side of the pipe, while sew a zipper at the other side. Sew one round velvet with the zipper; sew a tail of pig on another round one; sew the both round velvets.

Step 4: make a bow Make a bow out of ribbon; sew it on the head of pig.

A money box can help children have an awareness of saving money and form a good habit since the childhood. Come to learn how to make a money box. I’m sure your kids will like these cute piggy banks.

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