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How to make Chinese paper cut-a traditional craft It’s well known that there are many traditional crafts in China. Many people good at it from former until today. The traditional crafts are always of great value. Chinese paper cut is a typical example. We need have patience on paper cut, because it is an exquisite work.

Chinese paper cut is the embodiment of Chinese people’s greatest wisdom. And it attracts lots of people from abroad to learn it. So here I’d like to give you a tutorial on paper cut.

Materials needed in Chinese paper cut: 

Colorful paper

A pair of scissors

drawing tools

How to make Chinese paper cut? Step 1: fold a triangle

Step 2: make a design

Get one paper and fold it into

Use pen to draw a shape by your ease on the

a triangle.

triangle. And cut off the design.

Step 3: open the design Please open the design carefully. Then you get a new design. (As picture 1)

That’s what my way making Chinese paper cut. It is easy but we must focus on it. Paper cut is created by our ancestors, so we respect their achievements and will go on developing and prompting it further. If you want to have a further knowledge on Chinese paper cut, please notice our web where there are more details about other kinds of paper cut.

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How to make Chinese paper cut-a traditional craft