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How to make Chinese knot-flower knot For many foreigners, they are very interested in Chinese culture. It is true that there are many things deserved to be researched in China. For instance, Chinese knot is a popular hand-made craft which attracts lots of people. Of course, there are many kinds of Chinese knot .But now I would like to show you how to make Chinese knot-flower knot which is one of it. :

As a matter of fact, it’s very simple to make Chinese knot especially flower knot. Whether you may make it depends on your patience. It’s also a good way to improve the flexibility of your hands and minds. Wire and pin with bead are the materials needed in flower knot. I am going to show you the details of flower knot as follows

Materials needed in flower knot: 

One long thread

Some pins

A piece of fabric

How to make flower knot? Step 1: make knots and fix knots Get your wire and fix it with pin just like the picture shows, begin





number of pins we need is increasing with the knots. Every knot must be fixed firmly so that it won’t be break.

Step 2: tie up the knots After you finish the steps showed above, please tie it up .Then it will be a flower knot. As the materials needed in flower knot are simple, so you can make it by just few steps. Perhaps it is clearer by visiting picture than others’ descriptions.

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How to make Chinese knot-flower knot