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How to make beaded snowflake earrings Earrings are female’s jewelry. Women adorn it will be more charming and beautiful. But now, it is widely accepted that earrings are also men’s decoration. Now I want to show you snowflake earrings, it is not made from gold but beads. So we also call it beaded snowflake earrings.

I heard that sending earring means long friendship or sweet love. Whatever meaning it is, eventually, it is just one saying. I can’t help thinking of minority nationality when I catch a glimpse





maybe it is because snowflake earrings are as beautiful as their culture. Next, the details about snowflake earrings will be displayed.

Materials needed in snowflake earrings: 

3 pieces of 2 inches copper wires (0.8mm)

1 piece of 15 inches copper wire (0.3mm)

1Seed beads

A pair of earring hoops

How to make snowflake beaded snowflake earring Step 1: wrap the copper wires together

Step 2: slide seed beads

Use the 15 inches copper wire (0.3mm)

Slide in some beads and make a loop at

to wrap 2 inches copper wires (0.8mm)

the end with excess wire.

at the center one by one.

Step 3: the ending work Add an earring hoop which can hang up the earrings on your ears. (As picture 1) That’s my way to make snowflake earrings. It is easy to understand and make. Well, it is also creative and novel. Beaded snowflake earrings are popular today; it is usually sold in some tourist sites. Tourists often sent it to their families and friends as present.

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How to make beaded snowflake earrings