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How to make a teddy bear out of fabric Do you know how to make a teddy bear? Teddy bears are popular with girls, even the elder ladies. Some of teddy bears are bigger than human being. They are big but cute. Our topic is handmade teddy bears.

To get handmade teddy bears you don’t need too many materials. Fabric is necessary. In addition, sewing threads, needle, scissors and lace are also needed. Let me demonstrate you how to make a teddy bear.

Things for handmade teddy bears 

Linen fabric

Sewing threads





How to make a teddy bear? Step 1: make the ears, head, arms and body of teddy bear

Step 2: the ending work

Cut the pieces of fabric of its body parts.

with quilting and seam them together.

Sew some special words and figures on

Turn over the body, arms and legs to

one ear; the other with a lace. Seam the

the positive side; stuff quilting to each

ears from positive sides, leaving one side

part; then sew. Stitch other parts with

open. Suture one side of head with the

the head to each appropriate place.

top of the head; link one side of face and

Make a bowknot with lace and sew it

sew. Do the same to make arms and

on the neck.


Sew the legs. Fill the head and ears

The price of teddy bear is a little bit high in the market. When you are short of money and want to have one. It is a fantastic choice to learn how to make a teddy bear and get handmade teddy bears by your own labor.

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How to make a teddy bear out of fabric