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How to make a sunflower I am so glad to tell you how to make a sunflower. I think you must be like it very much. I can’t wait to show you my secret sunflower DIY anymore.

The materials we need in sunflower DIY are so easy to get, you just need spend little to get these raw materials. How to make a sunflower? Let me show you carefully

Materials needed in sunflower DIY: 

Polyester cord in brown and purple

Thin iron wire

Felt and tape

Scissors and pliers

Needles with ball heads


How to make a sunflower? Step 1: a preparing work Cut off a brown cord in about 10cm long and use it to make a double coin knot. Then make the knot arched, let it becomes a shape of button knot. Make a loop at one end of the thin iron wire in the help of pliers. Fix the brown knot with the loop and wrap tape.

Step 2: tie Lark’s head knot 1. Cut off the purple cord in about 5m long. Leave about 50cm cord; regard it as the holding axis, the remaining cord as working axis. Then begin to tie a pair of Lark’s head knot. Leave a short distance and tie the next pair of knot, make the 2 pairs of knots together, then there is petal on the left. Go on making the knot as the same way till the cord has been knitted over. 2. Roll the Lark’s head knot firmly and stick by glue. At last, insect the remaining cord into the flower.

Step 3: the ending work Thread the thin wire on the flower through the hole in the center. Then fix the felt on the wire by glue.

There are 3 steps in total about how to make a sunflower. Do you like my design? If you are interested in sunflower DIY, just do it!

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How to make a sunflower to color your life