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How to make a rabbit-manual rabbit I’d like to tell you a new way about how to make a rabbit. This time, the manual rabbit is more lovely and better-looking than we made last time. So please do not lose this chance to learn a new skill.

The rabbit is born with lovely, so it is welcomed by most people. I’m sure you will be interested in this task and can’t wait to make manual rabbit. Now I will display the details on how to make a rabbit.

Materials needed in manual rabbit: 



Sewing thread and pin

Polyester felt

How to make a rabbit? Step 1: make the body of rabbit Get one sock, cut it off as showed in

Use sewing thread to bind the round shape

picture. Take the part on the left and put

as following pictures, then the body will be

cotton into it. Then make a sewing work.


Step 2: sew eyes

Step 3: make clothes

Inset the pin from the back of rabbit,

Get another sock, cut it off into 2 parts.

and pull out from the front. Then begin

Take one part on the right to make coat.

to sewing eyes at the right place. The

Cut off another part on the right again,

two eyes must be in accordance.

use it to make trousers. Make a sewing work.

Step 4: make hands and gussets Get a sock in white and wrap cotton. Tie up with thread. It is the hands of rabbit. Then get another sock in the same color with clothes to make gussets.

Step 5: make ears Use polyester felt to make two long ears. If you like, you can also decorate the ears with 2 butterflies.

Step 6: make a component work Sew the ears on the head and hands. Gussets and hands sewed at the same time.

The 6 steps are the detail of how to make a rabbit. It is quite amusing and funny. I believe you can also make one now. In fact, you need limit by my ways. You can make other kinds of manual rabbit by your own understand.

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How to make a rabbit-manual rabbit