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How to make a notebook cover If you want to protect your notebook and make your notebook unique, making a book cover is a good way. Today we will tell you how to make a notebook cover.

Learning how to make a notebook cover, you can make beautiful clothes for your all notebooks. So let’s learn the method of making a book cover.

What do you need? 


Sewing threads



Wash Soluble Pen



How to make a notebook cover? Step 1: take measurements Make a fold by folding a large felt. Comparison it to the notebook by overlapping the fold with the left side of the notebook, making sure both sides of the felt is at least 6.5cm longer than the notebook, and the top and bottom only need to be 6mm higher than the notebook. Fold the reserved felt of both sides inwards as the picture shows. Design the patterns of the cover; cut them down. And then sew them on the large felt.

Step 2: sew the patterns Sew the patterns in the order of overlaying; sew the pattern below first. Don’t forget to narrow when you finish. Do the same to sew other patterns. Mark the width by two needles; sew the raindrop under the cloud. Fix the reserved length of felt by needles.

Step 3: sew the edges Sew the edges as the following picture shows. You can narrow it by crossing the needle under the sewed threads. Then use the same method to sew other edges. You can also think about other patterns to make what you like. The method of making a book cover is actually very easy. I believe that you can learn how to make a notebook cover if you’d like to spend a little time. If you want other fabric, you can enter:

How to make a notebook cover