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How to make a handbag Handbag is one of indispensable ornaments with garment of ladies. There are various styles and of different usages, for example, money and cellphone handbag and party handbag, etc. handbag is a practical tool in our daily life. Are you curious about how to make a handbag by yourself?

Making a handbag by yourself, you can make whatever type you like. And a benefit is that you will never worry someone has the same party handbag when you attend a party. Follow me, and learn how to make a handbag.

Materials needed in making a handbag 






Metal bag cover

Steps of handbag making Step 1: prepare the fabric of the handbag Sew the two pieces of fabric together; sew lace on the joint line. It is the body of the handbag. Then prepare the side-body. Both stuff with cotton and sew together.

Step 2: make the body of the handbag

Step 3: the ending work

Fold the inside lining to a shape of bag

handbag. Sew a button in the right

and sew it well; and then sew the

lower corner of the handbag, whose

lining and the bag together.

function is as a decoration.

Make the metal bag cover to seal the

What I want to show how to make a handbag is over. Have you understood how to make it? Practice more; your unique party handbag will look better.

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How to make a handbag