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How to make a giraffe as key accessories Giraffe accessories are not common within our sight. But if you follow our tutorial about how to make a giraffe, a lovely giraffe will leap to your eyes with a pleasant surprise.

You can put giraffe accessories among your keys and make your keys easy to find, if you throw it to sofa at will. Now I will move on to our business of how to make a giraffe.

What are necessary for giraffe accessories? 


Sewing threads




Hot melt gun

Key ring

How to make a giraffe? Step 1: sew the body

Step 2: the ending work

Cut two pieces of body felt and five circles.

Cut a small piece of felt to insert into the

Seam the body felt; leave the head top

opening place and suture. Sew the eyes

open and stuff quilting into the body.

for the giraffe. String a key ring to the felt used for hanging. Stick five circles to its body with hot melt gun.

Have you caught the steps of giraffe accessories? Your giraffe must be very cute if you are careful and prudent on how to make a giraffe.

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How to make a giraffe as key accessories