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How to make a felt doll-a puppet I have shown many lessons on how to make a felt doll. This time the felt doll pattern is a puppet and its appearance is like flower. Flower Fairy will come to your fore when you see it at once.

Wood is indispensable to make the felt doll pattern of a puppy. And you’d better choose some good materials so that it will not harmful to your kids if they often play it. Following I will describe how to make a felt doll for you.

What should you have? 


Wood people body

Sewing threads





How to make a felt doll? Step 1: cut the felt and cover the wood

Step 2: make a flower

Make copy of patterns and cut out felt as the

of the petal piece. Gently gather the

first picture stated. Using the pattern as a

stitches until the petal fits around the

guide, embroider detail on hat and cap with

fairy’s neck. Tie up the thread and tack the

yarn. Place glue on people turnings and glue

petal to the body tube near the neck. This

body tubes to pegs. The seam will be the

will prevent the petals from moving. Seam

back of the fairy.

junctions of the petals and body felt.

Sew a running stitch along the upper edge

Step 3: make the leaf

Step 4: the ending work

Use the whip stitch to make a leaf in the

Gather the stitch gently. Try the hat on and

same way as the petal making. And tack the

adjust the stitch to make the hat fit. Tie off

leaf on the petal. Use a running stitch to sew

the threads. Glue the stitch line of the hat

the marked circle on the hat.

inside. Place the hat and tilt backwards the low end centered on the fairy’s back. Squeeze the hat to make it fix. Allow it to dry completely.

Make this felt doll pattern of Flower Fairy puppet for your kid. He may love to hold it in the hands. Have a try to learn how to make a felt doll. I believe you can catch it easily.

Demand yarn, you can press:

How to make a felt doll a puppet