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How to make a fabric bag with cherry Ladies carry handbags every day. Handbags can be various, for example, fabric handbags, leather handbags, cotton handbags and so on. And do you know how to make a fabric handbag on your own.

What kinds of handbags you like most? But fabric handbags are the main studies this time. Then the followings are the ways of how to make a fabric handbag.

Materials needed for fabric handbags 






Ways of how to make a fabric handbag? Step 1: sew the fabric

Step 2: the ending work

Cut two pieces of 50cm square fabric with

Turn over the bag to the inside. Sew

different colors. Sew the fabric from the inside,

the two angles to make the bottom of

leaving out 5cm space. Turn over the fabric.

the bag. Then turn over. Fold the

Press the fabric with the flatiron. Sew the left

upper angle in half and stitch the part

5cm. fold the two sides in half to triangles. Add a

pointed below. Thread the cord to the

cherry in the middle of the two angles. Fold the

suture, and pull tightly.

angles of two sides backward.

This is the method of how to make a fabric handbag. Are these fabric handbags with cheery unique and attractive? You can change the decorations for the handbag whatever you like.

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How to make a fabric bag with cherry