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How to make a dragonfly How to make a dragonfly is the topic we will discuss this time. We can see lots of dragonflies flying in the midair in spring. Some of you who grew up in the countryside may have the joyful experiences of catching dragonflies. DIY dragonfly is also a cheerful thing to do.

You need to have various colors of felt for DIY dragonfly so that the dragonfly you make is colorful. Let’s share how to make a dragonfly together.

Materials for DIY dragonfly 




Sewing thread


Hot melt gun



Thick cord



How to make a dragonfly? Step 1: prepare each part of the dragonfly Draw the patterns of each part of dragonfly. Cut them out respectively.

Step 2: make the head, hands, feet, and lower part of the body Fold two pieces of cream-colored felt up and down together; cover them with the half piece of yellow felt; seam the felt and leave out the bottom open; stuff the quilting inside. Sew hands and feet with the small pieces of creamed-colored felt; link one thick cord to each with hot melt gun. Seam the lower part of the body and leave out the up side open; stuff the quilting inside. Stitch the head and the lower part of body.

Step 3: the ending work Fix the hands and feet in the appropriate places. Stick the wings with hot melt gun and cover the ends of the thread. Sew two buttons on the yellow felt and mouth below. Add the blusher on the cheek. Wear a bow at the juncture of head and body. This is the ending of how to make a dragonfly. Does it remind you of the happy time in your childhood during DIY dragonfly? How about share it with us?

If you need felt you can enter:

How to make a dragonfly