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How to make a cushion in a puff shape Which kinds of chair do you sit on? Is it too hard for you? Recently I have been troubled in this situation. Then I think of making cushions by myself to get some comfort. And I am ready to share my way of how to make a cushion with you.

It will take you slightly long time to practice how to make a cushion in person, because many more pieces of fabric are needed cutting to make a puff shape. Well, let’s begin and enjoy making cushions together.

What should you have? 

Cotton fabric

Sewing threads

Sewing machine



How to make a cushion? Step 1: cut small square fabric 1. Select your favorite fabric to cut off pieces of exterior square fabric named A of 6cm by 6cm; 49 pieces in all. 2. Cut off pieces of inner square fabric named B in the same size and quantity. 3. Seam A and B along the edges for 49 pieces named C respectively. 4. Place 7 C in a line and sew.

Step 2: sew the squares and stuff 1. Sew the other six lines of C; piece the seven lines together to make a large square named D and sew. 2. Sew a small fabric edge to the square; cut small opening on every B side; stuff quilting inside to make it bulged. 3. Sew all the openings. 4. Take out and cut another piece of fabric named E in the same size with D as the reverse of cushion.

Step 3: the ending work Cut a piece of 5cm fabric; fold it in half; sew both sides to make it a bit curly. Seam D and E together with the slightly curly edge in the middle. This puff shaped cushion brings me much coziness. I cannot wait to show you the making methods of how to make a cushion. How about making cushions with me to make yourself comfortable sitting on the chair?

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How to make a cushion in a puff shape