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How to make a brooch in 4 steps A brooch is indispensable for us women in our daily life. When we join a party or host a program, and even attend a weeding, we need it. Such an important brooch jewelry, have anyone of us known how to make it? If not, I will teach you with patience. So today’s topic is how to make a brooch.

The brooch jewelry plays a key role in women’s beauty. It’s the important element of fashion. It will improve our status and make us more attractive. I am glad to tell you an easiest way about how to make a brooch

Materials needed in brooch jewelry: 

Silk ribbon

A pair of scissors

Cotton gauze

Hot melt gun

Pin and wire

How to make a brooch? Step 1: cut off a flower

Step 2: add some decorations

Fold cotton gauze in square into a small

Get some decorations and tie them on

one. Then cut it off into a fan-shaped.

the flower with silk ribbon

Sew the center into a flower.

Step 3: make a work component work Cut off some silk ribbons in the same size. Stick them with hot melt gun. After this, stick this component with the flower together.

Step 4: the ending work After all of these, sew a long silk ribbon at the back of brooch.

The whole process has been over after the 4 steps. I wish you have been motived by me. Anyone who want to be elegant, just spend some time to make brooch jewelry. Learning how to make a brooch is not only a way to be beautiful but also a method to realize your personal value.

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How to make a brooch in 4 steps