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How to fold paper umbrella Umbrella is a commonly used tool in our daily life, whatever is fine or rainy. We can use umbrella to shelter from the sun and the rain, but how about a paper umbrella? What is it used for and how to make a paper umbrella?

Paper umbrella can be regarded as a home decoration. Bookshelf and table are the best choices to place paper umbrella. When your guest see paper umbrella, they may be also fond of it. That is the time when you are the teacher. So you learn how to make paper umbrella first.

Materials acquired to fold paper umbrella ď Ź

Origami paper

How to fold paper umbrella Step 1: make the umbrella cover

Step 2: make the umbrella rib

Take out one piece of bigger square paper. Do

Take out the other piece of smaller

the folding work as follows.

square paper. Do as the following showed.

Step 3: make the umbrella handle

Step 4: the ending work Combine the three parts together.

Roll up a piece of rectangular paper.

As far, paper umbrella is made already. If you have mastered how to make a paper umbrella, you can show off it to your friends. Just be proud of yourself.

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How to fold paper umbrella