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Homemade hot pad patterns out of felt Hot pad is common used in the household. Hot pad patterns I often see are made of wood, most of which are in round shapes. Here how to make hot pads is mainly made of felt. And it is in a shape of maple leaf.

The hot pad patterns have a loop at the leaf, with which you can hang the hot pads on the wall when you don’t use them. No more descriptions, I’d rather show you how to make hot pads right now and let you see what it is.

What are the necessities? 


Sewing threads

Sewing machine





How to make hot pads? Step 1: cut the felt maple leaf

Step 2: make loop to the pad

Prepare materials and tools first in the

Sew two apparent lines on the strip

picture 1. Cut off the felt maple leaf as the

piece. Place the strip on the left side of

paper pattern you have drawn. Cut the other

the root of the leaf; fix it with pins. Sew

two pieces in different sizes; lay them

the loop with and leaf. Sew apparent line

together with the largest one at the bottom.

in the center of the leaf from root to the

Cut a small strip.

leaf top.

Step 3: the ending work Sew the other apparent line nearby. Do the same to sew the apparent lines dispersed from the middle lines. The lines are the stems of the leaf. Each stem has two lines in order to make it the pad more endurable. Do you like the maple leaf hot pad patterns? If you follow how to make hot pads, you can decide the size of the hot pad according to the appliance you use. So before cutting the felt, you’d better compare it with the appliance.

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Homemade hot pad patterns out of felt