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Homemade coin purse of coffee cake I am happy to give you a lesson of homemade coin purse again. We have made several coin purses. This time it is a fabric coin purse for you.

It will not take you much time to do homemade coin purse. And I promise that this fabric coin purse will bring you much convenience. Let me show you the making methods.

Materials you have to prepare 


Sewing threads





How to make fabric coin purse? Step 1: cut the felt and make the cream Cut pieces of necessary felt. Stuff two pieces of circular felt with quilting. Cover the stuffed felts with flower felt with sewing to make two pieces of cream felt.

Step 2: make one side of the bag Make the zipper with the same size of opening felt and cut the redundant. Seam the coffee felt with the ellipse felt. Suture the bag body with one side.

Step 3: the ending work Roll up two pieces of felt and sew them with sewing threads. Sew the other side of bag. Sew the rolled felt and cream at the appropriate places at the top. Add the zipper felt at the bottom.

This fabric coin purse is in a shape of coffee purse. It looks very delicious, isn’t? And the homemade coin purse can hold many coins for you.

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Homemade coin purse of coffee cake