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Hanging decorations of hanging vase I saw many hanging decorations when I visited people’s houses. I aroused some interest in these hanging decoration ideas. And I also come up with a small stuff but useful.

The hanging decorations below are braided out of cords. It can hang the fish tank on the wall which is quite different from what we always see in people’s house. Now let me show you my hanging decoration ideas.

What are the necessities? 

Wood circle

Waxed cords



How to make hanging decorations? Step 1: braid the upper part

Step 2: braid the middle part

Thread four pink cords to a wood circle.

Tie up the sky cord to fix the pattern. Cut

Upend a sky blue cord on the pink cords

the redundant; glue the cut place. Depart

with the left end of cord short. Bring the

the pink cords to two parts; each part has

right side cord over the left one; twine the


pink cords by the right cord around for six

respectively. Make a loop with right two


cords; place the left two cords on the loop;






thread the left two cords down to the right cords; bring the left two cords over to thread the hoop. Tie up the knot. Make the other part in the same way.

Step 3: the ending work Braid the same knot with two parts at a distance of about 5cm. make the ending as the same with the step 1 said. Cut off the sky blue cords and glue; leave the pink ones. Do you like the unique hanging decorations of fish tank? You can be at ease that the hanging decoration ideas are quite safe as long as you choose better cords. Besides, more cords can be added to be braided.

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Hanging decorations of hanging vase