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Handmade snowman with felt You will learn DIY snowman crafts this time. In winter, when the snow arrives, people all take delight in making snowman. I will teach you handmade snowman out of felt.

Material gathering is very in important for DIY snowman crafts. Let me tell you what you need to prepare and the steps of handmade snowman.

What do you need to have? 


Cotton fabric

Sewing threads




Resin buttons

Steps of DIY snowman crafts Step 1: make the head and body of the snowman

Step 2: the ending work

Cut a circle. Make a bowl shape; stuff the

stuff quilting inside. Seam the nose to its

quilting inside and seam. Do the same to

face. Sew the eyes and mouth. Sew a

make a bigger ball. Stitch the circle felt on

piece of fabric from the inside; turn it over

one end of the bigger ball. Glue the opening

to stuff the quilting. Suture the hat to its

side of the two balls and stick together; the

head. Then stitch two buttons in front of

bigger ball is the body.

its body; and add a scarf around its neck.

Sew a piece of felt to pepper shape and

This kind of handmade snowman is so much visualized as the true snowman. When you miss the looks of snowman in summer, learning DIY snowman crafts is a good choice. If you lack sewing threads, you can enter:

Handmade snowman with felt