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Handmade car instructions for you Do you know how to DIY car? Before a car is produced, people need to design its appearance first and see whether it is good or not. That is so called models of handmade car.

We can use different materials to DIY car. But here the handmade car is made of felt. Next I will show you the makings of felt car.

Materials prepared for DIY car 


Sewing threads




Color pen


Ways of DIY car Step 1: make the simple frame of the car

Step 2: the ending work

Draw the frame of car on the paper. Draw

rectangle felt together with side whipstitch

the corresponding parts of car on the felt

method. Sew the front window and lights

and cut them off. Sew the windows and

at the appropriate places. Suture the other

wheels to the body where they are

side of the body with the long piece,

supposed to.

leaving a small opening; fill the car with

Seam one side of body and a long

quilting. Sew the whole body.

The handmade car out of felt is much better than the car made of plastic. It is more suitable for the kids less than two years old. If you are interested in it, you can DIY car with what the above shows.

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Handmade car instructions for you