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Hand warmers for you! Winter comes, hand warmers do a great help for us, especially for those who don’t have air conditions in the house. Today I will teach you how to make hand warmers step by step.

Hand warmers are big sellers in winter, but some of which are not safe to use. For example, some hand warmers with water need heated. They are easy to explode. For safety’s sake, we had better not use it. Here I give you ways of how to make hand warmers which are safe and good.

Things needed in hand warmers 


Sewing threads




How to make hand warmers? Step 1: make the bag of the warmer Sew a shape of heart in the center of the felt. Roll up the felt fixed with pin; seam with red sewing threads; one side of bag is also seamed.

Step 2: the ending work Stuff the bag with rice from the not sewed place. Seam the other side. Tips: place it in the microwave oven to be heated for 30 second; it warms last for 30 minutes.

Hand warmers I make just like earth bags we play in our childhood. Do you think it more convenient and safer? The steps of how to make hand warmers are simple to handle. You can make one for your friend and yourself just a few minute. Hands on!

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Hand warmers for you!