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Formal suit -how to make paper clothes We have learned many folding methods. Today our topic is how to make paper clothes. Clothes are necessities in our daily life. Are paper clothes as the same as the true clothes we wear?

Folding paper clothes is a good choice when we feel bored. Just a few minutes we can learn how to make paper clothes with origami paper.

Materials needed for paper clothes ď Ź

Origami paper

ď Ź


How to make paper clothes? Step 1: do some folding Fold a square to four drapes. Fold the bellow outward each side; fold the upper side inward to be triangle and





redundant inward.

Step 2: the ending work Fold the open section below to the opposite side. Draw three buttons on the left below and a pocket on the right up. This is how to make paper clothes. This piece of paper clothes is a kind of formal suit. We usually wear formal clothes at work or attending some formal occasions.

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Formal suit -how to make paper clothes