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Felt coffee sleeve tutorial There is a felt coffee sleeve tutorial. Having this coffee sleeve template, you will never think it hard to make a cup sleeve.

Did you feel inconvenient when you bought a cup of boiling hot coffee? Maybe you need a coffee cup sleeve. This coffee sleeve template is simple but attractive. Since coffee cups are produced standardly nowadays, so if you learn this coffee sleeve tutorial, you will think it practical.

Materials for coffee sleeve: 


Sewing threads



Coffee cup

Wash Soluble Pen

Steps of making a coffee sleeve: Step 1: cut patterns Cut a felt of arc as the picture shows. Measure






sections of the coffee cup; cut off the extra felt according to the measurement.

Step 2: decorate it Cut off two strips of felt with shape of waves. Sew them on the felt of arc. Leave space for a shape of baseball.

Step 3: make a baseball pattern Draw a circle on the felt with the help of the bottom of a coffee cup; cut the pattern off. Sew figures of a baseball on the round felt.

Step 4: the ending work Sew the baseball pattern at the middle of two wave shapes. Then hem the both ends of the large felt. As we all know that many people like coffee, even some drink coffee at three meals a day. Or some of you often need coffee to energize yourselves. Why don’t you make a coffee cup sleeve by learning this coffee sleeve tutorial? You can also make other sleeves if you don’t like this coffee sleeve template Would you like to make more crafts?

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Felt coffee sleeve tutorial