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Fabric satchel of carp You will learn how to make a satchel in this tutorial. When I was in the primary school, my fabric satchel was made by my mother, which consisted of many pieces of cloth of different colors.

Fabric satchel making in this lesson is also with different colors of fabric. And its style is fashionable, which is a shape of carp. Let us see how to make a satchel of carp together.

Materials needed for fabric satchel making 


Home decor fabric

Stiff paper





Sewing threads


Reducing rope

How to make a satchel? Step 1: draw a shape of carp Prepare for the necessary felt and rags. Draw a shape of carp on the stiff paper. Depart the gill and body by cutting. Cut the felt and home deco fabric as the shape of carp, the gill, and part of body.

Step 2: make carp scale Draw the shapes of scale. Cut the fabric of different colors. And sew the scales to a big one. Cut two pieces of fabric to a shape of carp and seam together as the lining.

Step 3: stitch the satchel and make eyes of carp Sew the scale and the part of body to the outer fabric. Cover the first scale with gill and sew them together. Seam the gill and the part of body. Cut four circles with felt; two small ones and two big ones. Sew the eyes to the appropriate place. Seam the outer piece and the lining together; leave out one side open. Add a lace at the carp tail. Tips: sew the scale slip by slip to make the satchel durable.

Step 4: the ending work Make one cord as the same length with the carp’s mouth. And make brace which is suitable for you height. Sew the mouth cord around the mouth; stitch the brace to the two sides of the mouth. Thread a reducing rope at the open place and add beads at two ends.

If you like the fabric satchel of carp, you can follow the steps of how to make a satchel. Believe it or not, wearing this satchel, you will gain rate of second glance.

If you need lace, you can press:

Fabric satchel of carp