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Eggplant shaped coin purse tutorial Coin purse is a useful stuff. It makes our life more convenient. Today we will show you a personalized coin purse tutorial. Follow us to learn how to make a coin purse with detailed steps and descriptions. It never makes you disappointed.

You may know how to make a coin purse if you have learnt our other coin purse tutorials. It is great because you will be more proficient in the process of making this eggplant shaped coin purse.

What do you need? 

Cotton fabric


Cotton lining

Sewing threads



Semicircular mouth


Sewing machine

How to make a coin purse? Step 1: the preparatory work Cut out two pieces of outside cotton fabrics, two of lining cotton fabrics, two of cotton linings and four pieces of leaves out of felt. Sew the outside fabrics with their cotton linings. Put the right side of the both fabrics together and sew them. Turn the inside out when finished.

Step 2: make the body of the bag Sew the lining cotton fabrics with the same method. Leave an opening with length of 4 or 5cm. Place the outside fabric and lining fabric together and sew it all the way around.

Step 3: the ending work Turn the bag over; sew the opening mentioned in step 2. Adjust the shape to make it neat. Glue four leaves on the body of the eggplant. Sew the semicircular mouth with the bag opening. Eggplant shape is so special and natural to match your fresh tone clothes, isn’t it? And this coin purse tutorial is so easy. So don’t hesitate, join us to learn how to make a coin purse now! If you want to buy sewing threads, please enter:

Eggplant shaped coin purse tutorial