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DIY tutorial on coin purses DIY wallet is welcomed among many enthusiasts of handicraft, because wallet is practical in our daily life. But here I will teach you how to make coin purses.

Coin purses are also necessary. As more and more coins add, your wallet may cannot afford too many. I help you to solve this problem and DIY wallet in the other form.

Materials for DIY wallet 

Cotton fabric

Cotton lining

Sewing threads




Semi-circular mouth

Iron machine

How to make coin purses? Step 1: cut fabric and cotton lining Cut the body fabric, side fabric and their cotton linings. Combine the side fabric and its lining, the body fabric and its lining; fix them with pins; use iron machine to make them flat. Sew one side fabric and body fabric.

Step 2: make the bag body Sew the four pieces of fabric together, aligning at the arch places. Cut the edges with scissors of saw tooth. Turn the bag to the front side.

Step 3: the ending work Fold the opening side 3-5 centimeters. Insert a semi-circular mouth in it and seam.

The coin purses can not only hold your coins but also pack you keys and other small things if you go outside near home. If you think it useful, you can try to DIY wallet.

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Diy tutorial on coin purses