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DIY fish of crocodile I will talk about DIY fish this time. Lots of people like eating fish. And fish is also a nutritious food with high protein. But what you will get is felt fish from the tutorial.

The kind of felt fish is crocodile. Crocodile is one of terrifying fish in our eyes, which eats human beings cruelly. What is DIY fish like? Is it horrible like the true one?

What do you need to prepare for felt fish making? 


Sewing threads





Ways of DIY fish Step 1: make felt of upper body, head and feet Cut pieces of felt and prepare the sewing threads with same colors of pieces of felt. Sew the upper body and with a piece of dentation felt in the middle. A small piece of head felt. Make four feet with dentation claws. Fill four feet with quilting.

Step 2: the ending work Seam the head and body; stuff the quilting; fix with pins. Align four feet to be stitched on the two sides of the body. Make it stand on the land. Sew two eyes with black sewing thread and two in pink in the front.

This felt fish of crocodile is not horrible at all. On the contrary, it looks very cute. You can DIY fish and give it to the kids as plaything.

More information about crafts materials you can note:

DIY fish of crocodile