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Cute cat curtain tie backs tutorial Along with the development of household decorations, the style and function of curtain tie backs has changed. It is no longer a simple tool, but become a kind of decorative items. Do you want to learn how to make curtain tie backs?

Have you made curtain tie backs before? You will think it easier if you have this experience. You can also do it with your kids to have fun. Let’s see how to make curtain tie backs for your own.

What do you need? 

Cotton fabric


Lace trim


Sewing threads





How to make a curtain tie back? Step 1: the preparatory work Draw the shape of cat on the cotton fabric. Cut off two strips of rectangles with the same size. Fold the strip in half; sew the both sides. Leave a gap to turn it over from inside; then sew the gap. Do the same to the other strip.

Step 2: sew the Velcro Sew every side of these two strips. Cut two pieces of Velcro; sew them separately on one side of two strips.

Step 3: make a pattern of cat Cut off two patterns of cat. Put two strips in the gap as the picture shows; sew them together.

Step 4: stuff the cat Shear a hole of 2cm long; stuff the cat with quilting; seam the hole. Cut off a heart shape of felt and sew it on the cat.

Step 5: finished work Sew a strip of lace trim around the neck of the cat and two buttons as its eyes. A cute cat curtain tie back is coming to you.

If you are interested in learning how to make curtain tie backs, this is a good chance. And you may need cute curtain tie backs to decorate your kids’ rooms.

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Cute cat curtain tie backs tutorial