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CONTENT Bat Kid Saves SanFrancisco Oreo's Super Bowl Tweet

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A little boy stole our hearts last month as he dashingly rescued a damsel in distress and San Francisco Giant's beloved mascot Lou Seal from the villainous ploys of the Riddler. #SFBatKid tells a wonderful tale of how the power of social media moved the hearts of a whole entire city and earned the support of teary-eyed spectators worldwide.

The campaign was planned and directed by the Make-A-Wish Foundation for a little boy whose ardent wish was to become Batman. The spirited boy battled acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a lethal condition since birth. Perhaps it was the fact that the little boy faced with adversity asked for an innocent desire to portray a superhero we have all grown to love, or maybe the timing of the campaign which was done just before Thanksgiving. Whatever it was, the campaign took flight and inspired everyone around the globe together to accomplish a wonderful cause.

Armed with the hashtag #SFBatkid, the campaign went viral and all of San Francisco found themselves taking part in the heartwarming adventureThis campaign showed everyone how social media marketing can bring the community together to accomplish a wonderful cause.

Oreo's Super Bowl Tweet

Some successful social media campaigns are simply the result of taking advantage of opportunity. Strike when the iron is hot, as the old adage goes.

During t at the Su compan marketin Power o — Oreo Viewers times in the twee "Oreo ca the nigh

he third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII, an infamous power outage uperdome caused a 34-minute delay in the game. While other ies mulled around during the outage, Oreo's social media ng strategy team sprung into action. ut? No problem.‌ Cookie (@Oreo) February 4, 2013 apparently loved Oreo's message, which was retweeted 10,000 one hour, according to AdAge. BuzzFeed's Ashley McCollum said et was "super smart," while CNET's Daniel Terdiman declared, ame up with an idea so brilliant and bold that it out and out won t."

With over 100 million viewers tuned in to their TV screens actively ranting about the glitch,Oreo's witty tweet dominated social media channels. Within minutes, the message took flight, gaining more than 16,000 retweets and more than 20,000 likes on Facebook – from a simple witticism executed at precisely the right moment. For this cookie company, timing was everything.

The marketing and production crew of the movie joined forces in creating a terrifying prank in a coffee shop sure to make the patrons run out of the shop and, well, hopefully into the The coffee shop was movie theater! fake walls, moving c tables, falling books, an actress to create of telekinetic hauntin fashion.

s outfitted with chairs, moving , a stunt man, and a terrifying scene ng in true Carrie Least to say, the priceless horrified looks on the patrons' faces made for a great viral video that rocked over 50 million views thanks to genius pranking skills of the creative crew and the power of social media.


ou can inspire a great deal of attention by awakening the curiosity, affection, and trust of people. Marketing challenges such as low engagement levels, limited budgets, and even negative publicity are not necessarily an impediment to the success of your campaign, but an opportunity to sport your creativity and resourcefulness.

Be Creative Be Sensitive Be Original Focus on strategies that create genuine connections between your company and your audience. Remember to add an element of fun and congeniality in your campaigns, but don't forget to offer value. Your social media campaigns can create lasting impressions that determines the bond you will have with your audience and prospects. On that note, make sure to present them with something unique and riveting. Think about how you can inspire and motivate them to take action.


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