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Fantasy Land You’ve heard the stories. You’ve read about Ariel’s struggles under the sea, Cinderella’s evil stepsisters, Jasmine’s love affair with a street-rat, and many more. All of these fairytales end in happily ever after. But what happens after the storybook closes? Where do the princesses go? Where do they live? Well I’m here to tell you the story that was set in a far away place called Fantasy Land. The story of what Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Snow White and Pocahontas are up to today. Fantasy Land is where all of the princesses lived together in perfect harmony as very best friends. Until one day, the evil of all evils tore them apart. The one wicked that none can escape from, no matter what magical apples, fairy godmothers, or enchanted roses enable them. It was a typical day in the Disney Princess house. A beautiful pink villa set on a sunny hillside in Fantasy Land. Cinderella and Belle were inside cooking breakfast together for their beloved housemates as Pocahontas was returning from her morning swim. Ariel was just waking up and came downstairs brushing her hair with a fork. After her came Jasmine and Snow White with her trail of birds tweeting good morning melodies behind her. The girls all centered around the breakfast table and realized somebody was missing. Of course it was Aurora. This was so typical of her, every morning she laid in her bed sleeping in and ended up late for everything. The rest of the girls began to sip on their tea as Ariel, the kindest of them all, went to wake the sleeping beauty upstairs. When Ariel went into Snow White and Aurora’s shared room she was surprised to find a man snoring loudly in Snow White’s bed. She woke up Aurora and together they couldn’t believe what they had just seen. The

only man Snow White would have over is her charming prince and that was definitely not him snoring so displeasingly. They both slowly crept out of the room and Ariel told Sleeping Beauty never to tell anybody what they had just seen. Breakfast proceeded with a little bit of small talk and chitter chatter here and there. Snow White excused herself from breakfast early to “go upstairs and freshen up” and Aurora couldn’t hold it in any longer. She blurted out loud that Snow White was cheating on her Prince. Ariel scolded Aurora for telling everybody what wasn’t even her business to tell. Cinderella agreed with Ariel and got angry with Sleeping Beauty for telling the rest of the girls. Belle and Snow White were very close friends and Belle got mad at Sleeping Beauty for saying that Snow White would ever betray her Prince that way. She ran upstairs to tell Snow White of the rumors that were being spread about her. Jasmine and Pocahontas were baffled by the news and did not even know what to think about it. Ariel told the girls not to tell anybody what they had just heard but did not speak fast enough as Pocahontas, Jasmine, and Aurora blazed out the front door. Ariel and Cinderella were left alone at the breakfast table and sighed as they began to clean up the teacups. By the end of that afternoon the entire kingdom of Fantasy Land heard about the man that Snow White was cheating on her Prince with. The maid from the castle heard that it was actually Ariel’s prince Eric in Snow White’s bed. The cobbler down at the market told his clients that Snow White had a sleepover with Aurora’s Prince Phillip. There were rumors all around the kingdom about Snow White’s infidelity and all the different prospects that could have been snoring so loudly in her bed.

After everyone ran her daily errands and met back at the house for dinner time, Ariel was mad at the girls for spreading this all around Fantasy Land. Snow White was so angry and upset about what she had heard about herself that she would not come downstairs yet. Cinderella and Ariel were not speaking to Jasmine, Aurora, or Pocahontas because of the ruckus they caused around town. Belle was upstairs and came down late for dinner with Snow White as she proceeded to tell them all that Snow White is not a cheater and she would never do such a thing to her Prince. Snow White had been crying. Jasmine, Aurora and Pocahontas disagreed and said everybody knew that Snow White betrayed her Prince and called Belle a liar and Snow White a cheater. They stormed out of the front door in anger as Ariel yelled for them to please come back. Cinderella was comforting Belle as she ran out of the room sobbing, for she was not a liar. Cinderella followed her out to comfort her dear friend Belle. It didn’t take long and Cinderella was back in the room angry because Belle accused her of spreading the rumors too. Cinderella stormed off to her room leaving Ariel at the table alone. As Ariel sat there at a lonely dinner with her head in her hands she heard tiny little footsteps coming down the stairs followed by a big yawn. She turned to find Sleepy, one of the most famous of the seven dwarves, rubbing his tired eyes. Snow White followed behind him as he thanked her for letting him sleepover since Sneezy was keeping him awake at night since it was allergy season. Ariel could not believe what she had just heard as she looked at gloomy and innocent Snow White who wiped her tears and walked back upstairs to her lonely bed. (923 words)

Process Memo: The moral of the story is that gossip tears apart people. Rumors and gossip are something that are practically unavoidable and force people to make choices and serious decisions that can really affect a person’s life forever. Rumors tore apart these seven friends and the sad part about the rumor is that it wasn’t even true. Snow White made a bad choice by not telling the girls Sleepy was staying over. Ariel made a bad choice by waking Aurora up and letting her in on the secret. Aurora made a bad decision when she told Pocahontas and Jasmine that there was a man upstairs. Jasmine and Pocahontas made bad decisions when they went out on the town and told everybody the gossip about Snow White. This led to a lot of unnecessary drama. Belle made a bad decision when she accused Cinderella of being in on the rumor spreading when Cinderella was innocently trying to console her friend. All of these characters made bad decisions centering around one small perception. They made untrue assumptions and spun a huge web of rumors off of it. They barely had anything to base it off of. The first thing that should have happened is that the girls went straight to Snow White and asked her why she had a man that was not her Prince sleeping in her bed. Because of the poor decision-making they are all no longer friends. They were very best friends and it is very ironic that one small rumor proceeding with many bad decisions can lead to a fight between each and every one of them. The characters I chose were the original Disney princesses and I chose them because they are kind-hearted good people that have all been through and came out of many different evils. They have each faced sea monsters

and evil witches and things that are normally perceived as “evil” or “wicked.” They have all had tough times but come out strong and with this story I wanted them to not be able to come out of it on top because it is a self-destructing evil that is almost impossible to mend. But I wanted them to face the biggest evil of all which is gossip. Gossip can tear apart friendships and people’s lives. This is an evil that cannot be fixed by magic. It is something that these girls themselves created and it ruined their relationships. Rumors are almost unavoidable in these situations because so many people become involved and the story gets worse and worse each time it is passed along. Rumors make everybody look bad. They are not something that should be taken lightly. If there is a story being told that doesn’t involved you that is the definition of gossip, and that is exactly what ripped this Disney family apart.

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